About Lindsey

Lindsey incorporates 16 years of dance training, over 12 years teaching yoga and Pilates, and her own experience with a spine injury to create classes that offer creative choreography, mindful stretching, and strong cues to build muscular control. She believes that function results from proper form and loves to build relationships with her clients, helping them to realign and balance strength with flexibility. True to her roots, she takes time to create thoughtful playlists meant to enhance the class experience.

Her education involves Stott Pilates, Barre3, a 200 hour yoga certification, and countless hours studying in workshops and under various instructors, as well as a BA in Journalism from Indiana University.

Originally from St. Louis, Lindsey has enjoyed living in Florence, Austin, New York City and now calls Boulder home. She loves that she can raise her 2 littles and 2 puppies surrounded by so much natural beauty.


Location Located in Boulder, Colorado Phone (314) 608-1827 E-mail contact@reformedyoga.com Hours Flexible schedule. FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangout remote options.
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