“Are you thinking of working with Lindsey? Possibly feeling intimidated by her beauty and strength? Well, she is both…but also gentle, modest, educated and full of alternative ideas for working with anyone’s limitations. Lindsey might use adorable terminology like ‘Barbie toes’ and wow you with an offering of an essential oil at the end of a session. Her playlists are soulful and help you to forget you are actually exercising, in case you want to imagine you’re in a hammock somewhere instead of nourishing your muscles and straightening your alignment. I could go on, but my advice for you, is to go for it. She’ll help you feel strong…she’ll brighten your days…you’re welcome. ‘- A former student who misses her all the time'” – Ellen A.

“Almost 3 years after retiring and relocating I still have not found a replacement for Lindsey. Actually you can’t replace her, so was hoping for a reasonable substitute. She was yoga, Pilates, life coach, dog lover and so many other things rolled into one irrepressible force. That hour every week for me was a great diversion from work life, and entry into discovering other boundaries I could break. She is honest with your physical limits and helps you improve. Who knew that my ankles were so inflexible? The private sessions were worth every penny as she helped me stabilize skeletal issues and stretch out IT bands. I would sign up again today if in her area.” – Seth L.

“Pilates with Lindsey is inspiring and empowering! Lindsey’s patience, warmth and expertise guarantees a feel great workout that motivates you to keep coming back and push yourself to limits you never thought possible. Love Lindsey and her classes!!!” – Lisa S. 

Location Located in Boulder, Colorado Phone (314) 608-1827 E-mail contact@reformedyoga.com Hours Flexible schedule. FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangout remote options.
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